Recommendations for preparing files:

1. The document must be made on raw form or finished form + bleed (raw format is the finished format plus 3-5 mm for cutting - bleed). Pages of a document should be placed in their natural order, strating with page 1.

2. The document must be brought with all used fonts and only by them. We can not accept the EC fonts (ie Times New Roman CE) and MT fonts that are installed simultaneously with Microsoft Office applications (ending MT - MathType - is found in internal name of the font, for example: PostScript Name: ArialMT). These sets of fonts have more than 256 characters and they are not interpreted by the RIP. Also, Quark .eps files must be accompanied by the fonts used in the document.



3. Images should be CMYK.

4. Type bitmap images (Photoshop EPS, TIFF, etc.) must be the size of 1:1. The needed resolution (R), expressed in dpi, is calculated by the formula: R = 2 x LPI (the desired lines per inch) ex.: For 150 LPI, R = 2 x 150 = 300 dpi.

5. Colors used in documents should be CMYK process (not spot), except the documents that contain special colors.

6. The responsability for vector objects with overprint or knockout properties, belongs to the customers totally.

7. Image formats, used in the documents:
- TIF - no compression;
- Vector EPS (from Corel or Illustrator) - caution to overprint!;
- EPS rasterized, binary or ASCII encoded;
- EPS DCS 1 or 2 with JPEG compression or ASCII files with all 5 components;
- PSD;
- JPEG, if you want a smaller file, but image quality is your responsibility. Use EPS DCS 1 or 2, only if you want to print the color separation from the application in which you worked. This, entails the loss of the posibility to make the RIP TRAP or using other types of raster (stochastic), etc.

8. We can not accept OLE objects (objects inserted in the document following an operation copy / paste, from another application). Ex.: A picture in Photoshop is copied to the clipboard and then pasted in a CorelDRAW document.

9. Any order must be accompanied by black and white or color print, eventually color proof, depending on complexity.
- Failure of this condition leads to the impossibility of verifying the work.

10. If you want to check the included pictures (embed) in Corel or Illustrator documents, you must have also the pictures files separately, as TIF, EPS, PSD, etc..
- Otherwise, any complaints about the quality of their printed are not taken into account.


11. Software:

- CorelDraw
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe InDesign

12. If the documents contain links to pictures, you must bring the pictures too.

13. If a file contains text layers, the document must be accompanied by the used fonts.

In case the documents do not contain the used fonts, we can make them printable in optimum conditions by changing the fonts, but any intervention will be billed according to the required time and complexity.


Failure to comply with these requirements may lead to changes in delivery terms due to the time required to correct the files.

Copyright DITOVIS Impex S.R.L. 2009